Art Panels

Looking for the perfect artwork to complement to your design? Look no further. Framed or unframed, a single piece or a mural made up of multiple panels, with Digital imaging solutions from MDC you can complete your vision like never before. Choose from a myriad of substrates including paper, Plex, Sintra, Canvas, backlit acrylic and even metal. The result will be your own perfectly integrated and original art.

Digital for Art panels:



Create dimension and depth to shape your environment with our diverse array of art panels.  Multiple media provide a variety of textures and surfaces to give you sophisticated options for your imaging plan.

Paper, Plex, Sintra, Canvas, Metal and more can be imaged & dimensionalized to create a unique design element for your space.  Backlit acrylic or a stretch frame art provide a serene distraction in lobbies,

From individual art pieces to an entire wall mural made up of multiple acrylic panels, Call us to discuss your ideas.


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