You work hard to keep your designs fitting but fresh, applicable but artful. Design inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. We’re constantly on the lookout for creativity catalysts in nature, architecture, and humanity, as well as finished projects and installations. Here are a few of our current favorites.


As light is emitted through a glass of champagne, you can see the bubbles rise and pop.  Similarly, incandescent walls capture the light and “pop.” 



There’s a reason cabins and lodges are popular vacation destinations.  They allow people to let go of the complexity of daily life by showcasing the pure and simple.


Retro done right is eye-catching, playful, and fun. That’s what we thought of when we saw this old pink telephone.


A little black dress. A dozen red roses. A perfectly tailored three-piece suit. Some things have been and will always be a staple in American society.

How Pebble Beach Ended up in North Dakota

A community center, by nature, draws a diverse crowd. People of all ages and interests converge in one multi-purpose building, which poses a design challenge for even the most creative minds. The architects at Sink Combs Dethlefs and JLG Architects designed and built the innovative Williston Area Recreation Center in North Dakota, and they tapped MDC for graphic murals and specialty paints that add atmosphere to each room.

MDC’s Ceramic Paint makes its mark by preventing wheelchairs from doing the same

A visitor’s impression of a hospital starts in the parking lot. You want your entire property looking its best, from the manicured grounds to the patient rooms. Every image reflects the quality and cleanliness of the facility.

Updates and upkeep make all the difference, according to Elaine Ryan, Director of Materials Management for Whittier Health Network, which owns 13 health care facilities on the East Coast. Ryan sources Whittier’s interior design materials directly. She recently changed paint suppliers to reduce the disruption of maintaining clean, attractive walls.

Nettelhorst School
Stimulating Creativity and Imagination

It’s hard to believe it could be so simple. One application of MDC's dry erase paint turns even the most ancient of chalkboards into a modern-day teaching tool that makes the smart board look like a seriously overpriced investment. Better still, those old chalkboards are steering clear of the landfill, enabling schools to repurpose materials while conserving limited budget dollars. Now that their old chalkboards function as whiteboards, Nettelhorst children have a bright clean surface for drawing word maps, curriculum maps, anything that you can imagine.


On this university campus, it's the library that draws a crowd


There was a time when the library wasn’t a quiet storehouse of books. It was a vibrant place where scholars gathered to collaborate, discuss and explore. Today, that’s what you’ll find at the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library at the University of Nevada in Reno. Under the direction of Tod Colegrove, Ph.D., MSLIS, this library has reinvented itself as a hotspot for creative thinkers who thrive in an atmosphere where the ideas are as plentiful as the books.

It was a surprisingly easy transformation: they simply coated the walls with dry erase paint from MDC.

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If these walls could talk, they’d offer to pour you a cold one

A restaurant brewery is sure to attract a crowd, but things get tricky when it’s hidden behind a wall. Unless, of course you turn that wall into something equally dramatic and enticing.  The Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, Calif., engaged MDC to create a graphic mural of brewery images that’s 65 feet wide and 18 feet high. In other words, it catches the eye of everyone who walks in the door which makes it not only a stunning piece of art but also a great advertisement.


Rutgers Redefines Campus Dining with Stunning New Facility


Today’s college campus dining experience is a far cry from what it once was.  But it’s not just about serving better food. It’s also about creating atmosphere. Copper had the right look but was cost-prohibitive and difficult to maintain. Instead Rutgers selected Dimension Walls from MDC which has the kinetic look of copper without the expense. “It’s a strikingly beautiful, textured surface that’s surprisingly rugged and easily cleaned”. “It was the ideal solution for Rutgers’ new dining hall walls.”

The ideas never stop flowing at VML, a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, Mo.  Yet creativity is an unpredictable thing and great ideas have a way of popping up without warning, so the VML staff writes on just about every surface they can find. It could be a scrap of paper, a napkin, a candy wrapper or even a conference room wall.  Fortunately, that wall wipes clean easily, because it’s covered in dry erase paint from MDC – a coating that turns any smooth surface into a dry erasable one.



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